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                  Why Corporate Sustainability Is Important

                  At DXP, we believe we have a responsibility as a corporation to create long-term value for our customers while making a positive impact on the environment. In this article, we’ll… Read more »

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                  The Top Oil and Gas Applications for Heat Exchangers

                  Like any other industrial process, oil and gas production is associated with generating significant amounts of heat. Unregulated industrial processes can result in detrimental temperature spikes affecting machinery, transport channels,… Read more »

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                  yabo重庆时时彩 Distribution Ranks DXP #17 in 2021’s Big 50 List of Top North American Distributors

                  yobo足彩 has once again made yabo重庆时时彩 Distribution’s annual Big 50 List of North American yabo重庆时时彩 Distributors. yabo重庆时时彩 Distribution magazine revealed the winners of the 2021 Big 50 List on Sept…. Read more »

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                  7 Types of Holemaking Tools (and Their Applications)    

                  Holemaking tools range from broaches and countersinks to reamers and drilling tools. Let’s cover seven of the most common types of holemaking tools and how they typically fulfill holemaking applications…. Read more »

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